Images of the Moon - 2015 Physics Teaching, Aviation Photography, Glassblowing Edward Pascuzzi Shown here on this page are various views of the Moon during its orbital cycle around the Earth, showing some of its many phases.  Included are images of the “SuperMoon” perigee eclipse from 27 September, 2015, when the Moon was at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit (which occurs once per month) which simply happened to coincide with a total lunar eclipse (this last occurred on in 1982 and will not occur again until 2033).   All images were taken using a guided Canon 5D Mark II DSLR attached prime focus to a 4” Vixen apochromatic refractor telescope.          Enjoy the images and please email if you have specific publication needs for any particular view 8 Day Old Waxing Gibbous Moon - 7/25/15 10 Day Old Waxing Gibbous Moon - 7/27/15 14.5 Day Old "Blue" Full Moon - 7/31/15 4 Day Old Crescent Moon - 9/17/15 5 Day Old Crescent Moon - 9/18/15 7 Day Old Crescent Moon - 9/20/15 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse - 9/27/15 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse - 9/27/15

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