Manchester-Ringway International Airport (MAN - EGCC), Manchester, England Physics Teaching, Aviation Photography, Glassblowing Edward Pascuzzi

Shown below are images of civil airliners taken from one of the most interesting and use-friendly airports in the world, Manchester-Ringway

International Airport (MAN or EGCC) located in the UK, about 170 miles north-northwest of London England, and about 170 miles east

of Dublin, Ireland.  One of the most fascinating and enjoyable aspects of the airport is that it is a mecca for those who are aviation spotters

and photographers as there are many locations around the airport from which to closely view all aircraft movements.  Furthermore,

the entire airport has a series of hiking trails which snake around the entire perimeter of the airport, called the Runway 2 Trail (here

is a pdf map of the Runway 2 Trail).  There is a great diversity of air traffic at the airport, and you will see a great number of spotters from

all over Europe (this is a hobby that is much more prevalent in Europe than in the US), and will certainly be fascinated at the variety of

airliners here. Enjoy the images and please email if you have specific publication needs for any particular aircraft or scene.

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