Physics Teaching, Aviation Photography, Glassblowing Edward Pascuzzi The Flight Path Museum @ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California

On the southern side of the LAX airport complex is a quaint and small building which was originally a terminal of the airport (the Imperial

Terminal) but is now a museum and learning center, called the Flight Path Learning Center & Museum.  The Center is devoted to the

historical preservation and perpetuation of the strong aviation culture which has been a part of southern California for decades.  Originally

founded in 1995, the facility grew to honor the great many aviation pioneers, businesses and airlines which grew from the region and

today serves as both an historical and educational purpose.  Flight Path exists to encourage young people to pursue aviation careers with

classes and a variety of hands-on activities.  The musem also hosts a variety of events, including annual gala fundraisers at which notable

aviation pioneers speak and meet and greet patrons, and also hosts special airline inaugural ceremonies.  The Flight Path exhibits gallery,

filled with memories of aviation’s golden years, is adjacent to the LAX airfield, where today’s aircraft and travelers arrive and depart the

the world’s busiest origin and destination airport.  Additionally, the museum has a fully stocked media center & library for those interested

in conducting aviation-related research.  No other museum offers such a perspective on contemporary aircraft and aviation. 

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