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Shown below are images from 2003 during the final days of flight of the famous and only supersonic civil airliner, Concorde. The famed aircraft

was flown predominantly by only Air France and British Airways primarily as a means to cut the Atlantic Ocean crossing time by 50%, to

about 3 hours.  While the aircraft drew much criticism during its early service, it served as a valued means for the wealthy and affluent to

quickly move between Europe and the US at speeds of around 1400 mph (~ 600 m/s).  Sadly, a major accident in July 2000 caused both Air

France and British Airways to seriously reconsider the legitimate usefulness of the aircraft, and despite a long absence for some redesign,

it was decided that the aircraft would be retired.  Further interesting information about the aircraft can be found here, at the Concorde SST 

website.  Furthermore, an elaborate and interesting facts list about British Airways Concorde aircraft and history can be found here

(British Airways’ Concorde). 

The images below are from the summer and fall of 2003 at JFK, and the sunrise images were taken at the final passenger departure flight on

24 October.  All surviving Concorde aircraft now reside in museums around the globe.

JFK - The Final Days of Concorde & the Last Flight - 2003

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