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Shown here are samples of the work which one may complete upon studying introductory and intermediate glassblowing, both at The Studio

at the Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, New York) as well as the newly renovated hot glass studio called UrbanGlass (Brooklyn, New York). 

The pumpkins shown are hand blown using an optic (pumpkin) mold for the pumpkin body and a ribbed optic mold for the twisted stems.

Sizes range from small (3-4” in diameter) to medium (5-6” in diameter) and are made in three colors; transparent aurora yellow-orange,

transparent orange and opaque opal-orange.  The red vessels shown represent a portion of the student work presented in the gallery at

UrbanGlass in 2007 and were created using transparent strawberry glass.  Please email with any questions or interests in how they were

created; glassblowing is addictive and fun!

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